2022 Highly Commended - Edna Welthorpe (Mrs)
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Miriam Waters

From: Hills Road Sixth Form, Cambridge


Highly Commended

To: General Synod, Church of England

To the General Synod,

As an avid reader of the Church Times and a devout C-of-E Christian, I was surprised to hear that according to your doctrines (and not, I hasten to add, the scripture) “gay marriage” is not permitted. First of all, may I state that it is my belief that all marriages should be gay occasions; I have witnessed several that were not and found the lack of mirth highly disappointing. There is no injunction against merriment in the Bible – why the “happy couple” should not be happy, I cannot understand. Sunday services have always included wine and hymns. Are we to do away with those as well? I should hope not! One begins to wonder whether the decline in church-going is in fact not because of the advance of distracting technologies such as the iPhone but because of this injunction against “gayness”, which may well be off-putting to the fun-loving youth. Lastly, if this matter is in any way related to pansies, all I can say is that all flowers are equal in the sight of God, and the two that live down my street have always been perfectly pleasant and discreet.

Yours faithfully,

Edna Welthorpe (Mrs)