Finalist Letter 5 - Edna Welthorpe (Mrs) The Competition
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Ella Metcalfe

From: Melton Vale Post 16 Centre



To: Jeremy Hunt, MP

Dear Mr Hunt,

My, what a man you are! I am in full admiration of your splendid handling of the abhorrent decision by today’s young doctors to ignore their vital duties and participate in a so-called strike. This frivolity is downright disgraceful, an insult to the most educated and established members of our society who work tirelessly to keep this country afloat. Members like you, your honour, deserve better than this quite frankly disgusting treatment. This perversion of morals shown by the youth is nauseating!


And may I take this opportunity of saying that people like yourself are vital in creating a better Britain? How can anyone discredit such outstanding actions? I am sure you will agree that this stagnation of society is a grave concern for the future of this strong and stable country – such filthy behaviour is a travesty!


The ladies of the Cheltenham Christian society are most excited to meet you, and I do hope to welcome you the Sunday after next to provide us with much required reassurance that this dirty socialism will never last.

Yours faithfully,

Edna Welthorpe (Mrs)

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